Center for Patient Safety Research and Practice

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D W Bates, MD

Our Mission

The mission of the Center is to catalyze dramatic improvement in patient safety in all healthcare settings.
The Center for Patient Safety Research and Practice is the premier convener of patient safety scientists and investigators from academia, government, industry and healthcare. Based at the Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School, the Center is a multi-institutional organization that works to improve the overall quality of healthcare through scientifically proven systems, methods and practices.

Center Leadership

The Center is led by David Westfall Bates, MD, MSc, Executive Director; Gordon Schiff, MD, Associate Director; Patricia C. Dykes, RN, PhD, Program Director; and Ronen Rozenblum, PhD, MPH, Business Development Director.

John M. Eisenberg Awards for Patient Safety and Quality

The John M. Eisenberg Patient Safety and Quality Awards recognizes major achievements of individuals and organizations in improving patient safety and quality. To date, four of the Center's Members have received this prestigious award: David W. Bates (Research, 2002), Lucian L. Leape (Individual Achievement 2004), Jerry Gurwitz (Research 2006), and Tejal Gandhi (Research 2009).




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