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Key Advances in Clinical Informatics: Transforming Health Care through Health Information Technology. Sheikh A, Bates DW, Wright A, Cresswell K. Academic Press. 2017 Jul 11.

Grando, Maria Adela, Rozenblum, Ronen, Bates David W., editors. Information Technology for Patient Empowerment in Healthcare. 1st ed. Berlin: Walter de Gruyter Inc.; 2015.

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Global Health Delivery features David Bates on Developing "sticky" technology for patient engagement

Leadership in Improving Patient Safety Video - Brigham and Women's Hospital
David Westfall Bates, MD, Senior Vice President for Quality and Safety at Brigham and Women's Hospital, describes practices that reduce the frequency of medication dispensing errors in hospitalized patients including computerized physician order entry, medication bar coding and electronic medication administration records as well as new technologies that will further improve patient safety.

Patient Safety Primer Offers Strategies to Prevent Medication Errors

The Patient Safety Primer outlines strategies providers can use at each stage of the medication use pathway prescribing, transcribing, dispensing, administration to prevent adverse drug events (ADEs).
The primer also identifies known risk factors for ADEs, including health literacy, patient characteristics, high alert medications and transitions in care.
Note that 7 of the Editor's Picks are authored by Center members.

Patricia Dykes, PhD, RN and Brigham and Women's Hospital is featured in the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation video discussing our program on fall prevention.
To view this video click here.

Find out how David Bates amuses himself when not seeing patients, conducting research and running a hospital.
In a video by the Brigham and Women's Hospital Public Affairs office Dr. Bates reveals his other passions.
On Birding, Climbing and Extreme Skiing

David Bates, M.D. is prominently featured in an important new episode of the Public Television Series Healthy Body, Healthy Mind on the link between health information technology (HIT) or electronic health records (EHRs) and the efficiency, and quality of healthcare that patients receive. Whether it's ensuring prescriptions are written and dispensed correctly, monitoring patients from a distance, or diagnosing patients in rural areas of the country, there are many ways to affect a patient's safety. This episode highlights some important work of HIT pioneers and show how tools such as EHRs can help make healthcare both safer and more efficient. For more information or to view this episode online click on the following link and scroll down to View Episode Clip: Electronic Health Records & Patient Safety.

David Bates, M.D., Lucian Leape, M.D. and other center key personnel discuss medication patient safety on the Public Television Series syndicated show Healthy Body, Healthy Mind. Patient safety initiatives featured in this program include Brigham and Women Hospital's use of the new Web-based Incident Reporting System, CPOE, Barcode/eMAR System and Smart Pump Infusion Technology. This program also highlights the many multidisciplinary efforts involved in carrying out these safety measures.  For more information or to view the episode online click on the following link and scroll down to View Episode Clip: Patient Safety.

Physicians Advised to Adopt Conservative Prescribing Habits Gordon Schiff, MD is quoted in this American Medical News article re: his publication Principles of Conservative Prescribing.

Preventing Adverse Drug Events in Your Organization David Bates, MD, MSc is a participant in this webinar. Recording and supporting materials can be found on the NPSF website by clicking on the title above.

What the Doctor Missed, Using Malpractice Claims to Help Physicians Avoid Diagnostic Mistakes, Delays Gordon Schiff, MD is quoted in this Wall Street Journal article.

Respecting and Reflecting on Diagnostic Errors Gordon Schiff's blog commentary on Health Affairs.

On a Mission to Improve CPOE Safety: A Conversation with Dr. Gordon Schiff from John Novack, Clinical Café. Quantros, which manages the MEDMARX medication adverse event database, will partner with the Center on a project to research errors reported as being associated with computerized prescriber order entry (CPOE).

Press on the Effect of bar-code technology on the safety of medication administration recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine.
Link to The Boston Channel news video.
Link to The Boston Globe's White Coat Notes blog Bar codes reduced medication errors in hospital study.

Dr. Bates is quoted in a New York Times article Using High-Tech to Lower Costs by Susan Okie.

Dr. Schiff has recently been selected to receive an NPSF award to study CPOE-related errors.
Listen to podcast: One-on-one w/CPOE Investigator G. Schiff

Listen to Dr. Bates on American Public Media's Marketplace Morning Report about the article he
co-authored entitled Mixed results in the safety performance of computerized physician order entry published in Health Affairs. Podcast.

Listen to podcast New Ways to Reduce Diagnosis Errors featuring Gordon Schiff, MD and moderated by Madge Kaplan.

Gordon D. Schiff, MD's essay on diagnostic error is quoted in WebMD's story entitled

Overconfident Docs Need Dose Of Reality, Misdiagnoses Occur Up To 15% Of The Time, Physician Overconfidence May Be Partly To Blame.

David W. Bates, MD is interviewed by Dr. Robert Wachter, Editor, AHRQ WebM&M on AHRQ WebM&M's Perspectives on Safety - Computerization and Information Technology. Read In Conversation with...David W. Bates, MD, MSc.

Dr. David W. Bates was presented the John M. Eisenberg National Award for Career Achievement in Research by The Society of General Internal Medicine (SGIM) at the SGIM Annual Scientific Meeting. The award is presented in recognition of a senior SGIM member 'whose innovative research has changed the way we care for patients, the way we conduct research, or the way we educate our students.'

David W. Bates was featured on The Boston Channel's website Patients Risk Drug Errors report.
View the video clip.










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