Center for Patient Safety Research and Practice

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Building on past findings and accomplishments, Investigators within the Center continue to focus on improving patient safety through ongoing collaborative research efforts.



Barcode Technology Evaluating the impact of barcode technology on reducing medication errors at the dispensing and administrative stages and its effects on hospital finances

Electronic Health Record Evaluating the impact of a statewide implementation program of Electronic Health Record (EHR) by all ambulatory care practices.

Health Information Technology Evaluating the use of a Results Management system for guideline adherence in the nursing home and in the pediatric ambulatory settings; studying the impact of integrating Ambulatory Computerized Physician Order Entry (ACPOE) with advanced Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) on safety and quality domains in the ambulatory setting

Shared Online Health Records for Patient Safety and Care Addressing the impact of tools for electronic patient-provider communication and shared on-line health records on patient care and safety

Electronic Prescribing Standards ePrescribing Gateway pilot testing of the interoperability of HHS initial standards to proposed foundation standards

Evaluating the Impact of CPOE Assessing the potential impact of computerized physician order entry in community hospitals

Falls Prevention Developed a decision support and communication intervention for use by the healthcare team, patients and family members to prevent patient falls.




The Future of Safety


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